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Children Laugh In Flowers

Gardening and Your Preschooler

Unless you’ve been entirely out of the loop, you’d agree with me on the point that personal gardens have made a big comeback. Even heading to the grocery store on most days I’m bombarded by seed packets, fresh herb bunches, and soil to feed my flourish seedlings. Aside from being a very fruitful—pun intended—endeavor for me, gardening brings a sense of peace and calm to an otherwise stressful day, while prov1440603_72605143iding nourishing food for my family. But the perks of gardening don’t stop there, for my preschooler especially having a garden has proven to be nothing but beneficial.

Particularly for those San Diego preschoolers, living in a world of near constant sunshine and warmth, gardening is an amazing way to get your preschooler outdoors and interacting with nature (more on that here). By having my toddler help with watering, weeding, and harvesting I help them observe, discover, experiment, nurture, and learn about the world around them. With observation and discovery comes the realization that plants, both big and small, must be cared for properly, and with this comes a growing sense of responsibility in your child. This sense of responsibility increases a toddler’s understanding and desire to nurture a positive environment for their plants and flowers, which in turn feeds their understanding of the world around them.

Additionally, studies have shown that toddlers that help with gardening early on in life develop and encourage the consumption of fruits and vegetables. Toddlers who help with gardening are less likely to question the green on our their dinner plates, and more likely to accept the vegetables that they themselves have not only grown, but picked for their meal.

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Activities Spring

Spring Clean-A-Bloomin’

How To Let Your Toddler Help You Clean

Like I mentioned in a previous post (visit here), spring has definitely sprung in San Diego. Here in southern California, we’re only twelve short days into the spring season and already, we’ve hit our highs of 90’s and lows of 70’s, leaving us just shy of a typical summer day. With spring being the current season and with flowers and allergies-a-bloomin’, (does this remind anyone else of Meryl Streep in the Devil Wears Prada, “Florals, for spring. How ground-breaking,”? No? Just me? Moving on, then.) We’re not only more likely to spend our time outside basking in the long forgotten sun, but we’re more apt to make room for the things in our lives that we 1445426_32607218can’t otherwise fit.

There’s a reason that it’s called “spring cleaning” and not “winter wash” or “fall hose down”, and it’s because with spring comes a sense of renewal. As the bulbs break free from their soil in the ground, so do our souls yearn to break free of the clutter in our lives. If nothing else, spring-cleaning is the perfect excuse to gut that corner closet that you’ve been too afraid to open for a year, or to go through your toddler’s toys and decide what they can and cannot live without. Of course, if you’re anything like me, then your toddler has a penchant for making sure they’re present whenever toys that they haven’t seen in awhile make an appearance, making cleaning with a toddler nearly impossible. If this is you, then read on for tips and tricks for cleaning with your preschooler.

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