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What To Do With Your Kids During the Summer

It’s summer time and the living’s easy. At least, for some of us, for others, however, it’s become something of a frustrating period. It’s hot, kids are out of school, and if you’re a stay at home parent, you’re likely panicking over what tobeach play do with them all day. For whatever reason when the temperatures climb higher, kids, unlike their parents, have an influx of energy. The high heat and humidity does nothing to dim their excitement, leaving parents even more tired and their toddlers more restless than during the cooler months.

Take my cousin, for example. A mother of two, she’s a stay at home mom who has her hands full with her eldest, who is eight, and her youngest, who is four. No matter the day, no matter what’s been done already during the week, and no matter how much energy they may have expelled in the hours before, they are still always craving for something more to keep their blood pumping. From summer camps and sleep-aways, to family vacations, my cousin has out did herself, trying to keep her little ones entertained during the long stretch of vacation. Only, there comes a point when the money runs out, and suddenly you’re left scratching your head, looking for things to do to occupy your kids.

Fortunately, when this happens, there’s always a handful of free activities to partake in, giving your kids back their summer fun, while keeping your pocket full in the mean time.

Movie In the Park

If you’re in Southern California, take a look at your local park’s schedule. Many parks like to show free screenings of family movie nightfriendly movies throughout the summer, giving you a perfect opportunity to keep your kids entertained throughout those warm summer nights. Grab a couple of subs from your local sandwich shop, spread out some blankets, and settle in for a night under the stars. For those of you located in San Diego, visit this link here for a complete list of summer movies in the park. If you aren’t located in or around San Diego county, you’ll want to head to Google and type in movie in the park to find locations for your area.

Nature Scavenger Hunt

The name of the game with kids in the summer time is to keep them outdoors for as long as possible. With this, you’ll give your toddler back some excitement and possibly having them aching for their preschool at the same time. If you have a backyard big enough for them to explore than stick to that, otherwise head to your local park and see1436073_67816176 what they’re able to find. Use a free printable such as this one here that has roughly thirty or so things that your child must hunt for. Invite their friends along and offer small prizes for those who find the most on their list. Be aware, however, of letting your kids wander around too far alone, and of making sure that they don’t pick up any bugs or spiders that you do not recognize.
Bonus: This free and time-consuming hunt will have your kids itching to head back to school in the fall, where they can learn all about bugs, wildlife, and nature.

Hit the Beach

For those of us in San Diego, we’re pretty lucky. We have a beautiful coastline that boasts great beaches to suit just about any person’s preference. Whether or not you’re near the coast, take a day to plan out a fun beach day for you and your family. Head out early and take lots of water, juices, and some ideas for lunches or snacks (be mindful that your food will most likely get sandy). If you’ve done the beach thing and are looking for something more, head to somewhere with tide pools. Places like Sunset Cliffs are teeming with pools that are likely to amuse your child to no end. beach playThe beach is just about the best way to cool off during the summer and won’t break the bank.

Take In A Museum

If you’re lucky enough to live in a place with museums, take advantage of their free museum days! Not only will you be inside, where you can escape the summer heat waves, but you’ll be able to help your child grow as a person by learning about different cultures, dinosaurs, or even space and science. Many museums host free museum days, allowing families to indulge in their services and gain knowledge in a fun and exciting way. Send your toddlers back to their San Diego preschool in the fall by helping them gain a better and more fulfilling life experience during the summer. For those located in San Diego County, Balboa Park’s museums are free to the public on Tuesdays.

Mind Your Water Usage

You’ll notice that I left out things such as “playing in the hose” or “having a Slip n’ Slide” and for good reason: with California in awater play drought it is important to be as water friendly as possible. Unless you have a pool or a local pool where you can pay to spend your summer days, it’s important to be mindful of at home water usage during the summer. Instead, take a trip to the beach, or to a water park, or you can even find a fountain that allows kids to dip their feet. Either way, the options for free fun is endless, you just have to take a look around.

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