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First Thing’s First

What Essentials Your Preschooler Needs for School

Listen, I get it. As a parent of a toddler it can be heart wrenching to realize that their days as you baby are quickly approaching an end. Of course, they’ll always be your baby, but with back-to-school inching ever nearer, it’s likely you’re starting to wonder about how they could’ve grown up so fast. I know what you’re thinking: How are you talking about school when it’s still August? Well, San Diego preschools, regardless of the rising temperatures, head back to school come September—yes, even if it still feels like summer here in southern California. Come the start of August, much like anywhere else, the stores start shoving back-to-school essentials on the parent’s agenda, bringing pre-k parents to near tears.

classroomUnless you happen to be of the other side, wherein as sad as it is to have your child grow up and head into their first days of preschool, it’s exciting to finally have them starting school. No matter where you fall on the spectrum, or somewhere in between, it’s a fact that every parent must face. Kids head off to school, and it starts with preschool. Whether your child is heading into their first day of pre-k, or they’re heading in for year two, there’s every possibility that you’ll feel it much more than your child ever will. Make your first day easier by being prepared and stuffing your toddler with every back-to-school essential they might need.

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Stranger Danger

How To Warn Your Preschooler About Strangers

Though the possibility of an abduction is something that all parents wish they would never have to worry about, it’s an all too sad-fact of life that they do exist. These days, it’s become more apparent that parents can do everything they can to limit the chances of abduction and still run into issues. Luckily, with increased technology, announcements signaling detailed information of abducted children can go out as quickly as ten or so minutes after it happens. Not so luckily, is that the abductions happened in the first place.

“Stranger danger” has long been the mantra for parents teaching their children how to handle strangers, but in recent years, has become not as definite as was once promised. Before, kids were taught to simply never speak to a stranger, no matter the circumstances. Yet, research finds that this can do more harm to a possibly abducted child than good. Children taught not to seek the help of a stranger, while being abducted by another, are unlikely to signify that anything is wrong or that help is needed. More than 700 children are abducted daily, meaning that something needs to change in the way that we teach them to interact with their surroundings. When Joey Salads’ successful social experiment video went viral, it detailed his experience with speaking as a stranger to kids, and shows just how easily abduction can actually be. So what do we, as parents, do? Take a look at these tips for how to protect your child from harm’s way.

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Play Ball

Five Reasons Why You Should Involve Your Preschooler In Sports

As summer comes to a close and fall inches nearer on the horizon, parents are left wondering what to do with their kids in the baseballcoming afternoons. For many, the near change in season brings about a change in routine. Older brothers and sisters may be off to grade school, while the younger kids may be starting or continuing preschool and kindergarten. No matter the situation, when the season changes so do a family’s daily ins and outs, leaving a new schedule to be planned out and enforced.

Perhaps one of the best means for after school and afternoon care that a parent can find comes in the form of sports. Some will argue that putting preschoolers into sports too soon is fruitless and that they’re too young to understand the rules involved. This is true. Preschool-aged children do not have the technical understanding for sports until a little later on. However, getting children involved in sports early on has more benefits than detriments, among which involves having your children cared for during the hours after school.

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