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Five Reasons Why You Should Involve Your Preschooler In Sports

As summer comes to a close and fall inches nearer on the horizon, parents are left wondering what to do with their kids in the baseballcoming afternoons. For many, the near change in season brings about a change in routine. Older brothers and sisters may be off to grade school, while the younger kids may be starting or continuing preschool and kindergarten. No matter the situation, when the season changes so do a family’s daily ins and outs, leaving a new schedule to be planned out and enforced.

Perhaps one of the best means for after school and afternoon care that a parent can find comes in the form of sports. Some will argue that putting preschoolers into sports too soon is fruitless and that they’re too young to understand the rules involved. This is true. Preschool-aged children do not have the technical understanding for sports until a little later on. However, getting children involved in sports early on has more benefits than detriments, among which involves having your children cared for during the hours after school.


Sharing is not a concept that children are born with. It is learned, much like everything else, during the years in preschool and beyond. Sports help increase a child’s understanding of sharing in the form of sportsmanship. Passing a ball back and forth, preschoolplaying on a team, and running drills helps them understand the idea of working together toward a common goal. Performing in a sport creates the feeling of a team, which in turn promotes positive life traits down the road.


Sports can help break the habit of your toddler’s tantrum before school each morning. It’s likely that your child will enjoy being dropped off for a sport team in the afternoon. This is partly because they won’t need to be woken up each morning and forced into the arms of someone other than their parent, but it also has to do with the fact that they’ll enjoy their days running around and expending energy more than that in a classroom. However, the more used to your child becomes at being separated from you during the afternoons, the more likely they are to become more manageable during the morning. Their time spent apart from you as they’re on the field with you on the sidelines looking on, will also serve as an excellent help for getting them over their fear of being left alone each morning.


It’s no surprise that children are about as uncoordinated as it comes. Their arms and feet don’t always listen to their brains, leaving them gangly and awkward during their first few stages of their life. While many of us don’t always outgrow our clumsy natures, sports are an excellent means for creating great hand-eye coordination in children. Learning how to run and kick a ball, for example, requires focus and cooperation between the legs, eyes, and brain to meet a successful end. The skills acquired from crayonssports are not limited to the game, however, and can actually lead to growth in a child’s ability to hold a pencil and tie a shoe as well.

Dealing With Negative Emotions

Jealousy, anger, feelings of being left out, and those of not getting what you want, are all emotions that humans deal with throughout their life. Sports help teach early on how to handle such emotions. While it’s not easy being picked last, not getting to bat first, or not warming up with the person you want to, they’re not something worth getting frustrated and blowing up about. Kids who play sports learn that taking turns is essential and that you don’t always get what you want when you want it.


A sense of confidence and pride come with the territory of playing sports. Kids who play sports from an early age, such as soccerpreschool, develop character traits early on. They learn the importance of sharing, working in a team, and doing the right thing. From understanding how to lose a game, to working together toward a common goal, they’ll start to create a sense of character for their person. This is important for later life when they’ll carry these character traits into pre-teen and adulthood.

Sports teach many of the essential parts of life. They help develop social and character developments that can otherwise take years to develop. If you’re getting anxious about the start of the new school year and are wondering how your children should be spending their time after hours, consider getting them started on a local San Diego preschool sport team.

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