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Cross Your T’s And Dot Your I’s

Feeling Comfortable With Your Choice In Preschool

Considering we’re about a week out from the start of the school year (and even then some of you already are makpreschool classrooming the early morning drop offs) there’s every chance that you’ve already secured a preschool for your toddler. I’ve spoken on it before and I’ll say it again, but preschool truly is one of the biggest days in a parent’s life. Waking your groggy little child up, helping them into their school clothes, and sending them off for a day (or half-day) of learning and socialization, is a huge milestone for many
parents. Though there are definitely feelings of elation, there are always some mixed thoughts that worm their way into the mix: Is it too early for them to be in school? Are they ready for this? Am I ready for this? Did I make the right decision about their preschool? If you’ve had any one—or more—of these thoughts, then don’t fret because you’re not alone! Choosing a place for our children to spend the bulk of their day, three-to-five days a week is often scary. How do we know it’s the right place for them? Though there’s never just an easy a + b = c answer, there are some signs worth looking into, guaranteeing that you’ve found the best place possible for your toddler.


A perk for you, the location of your child’s preschool can help make stressful days less so. Finding a preschool that’s located near your home or within distance of your work allows you to keep your mornings to the bare minimum of rushing. Not to mention, if something should happen, having your preschooler within driving distance can help give you some peace of mind. Knowing that you’re able to meet them at a moment’s notice will lower your anxiety levels, helping you adjust to this new lifestyle.

preschool classroomIt Works With Your Schedule

Preschools are offered in two different kinds: full and part time. While full-time is argued to be better for those who work in full-time jobs, part-time is considered better for those whose schedules offer more leniency. Not to mention, parents with older children may appreciate having their preschoolers on the same schedule as their siblings. This doesn’t just keep your schedule from becoming cluttered, but also saves on having to find family or friends to collect your preschooler at midday. However, deciding between the two is not as simple as it may seem. Between academia, finances, socialization, and more, there is an increasingly large list of things to think about in terms of the differences between the schools. For more, visit this link here to see whether full or half-time school is right for your toddler.

You’ve Done the Research

You’ve scoured the Internet for the best San Diego preschools, you’ve spoken to your friends to get their input, and you’ve even visited the school for yourself. Doing your research beforehand is perhaps the most important aspect in where you send your child. There’s an increasing list of preschool teaching methods available now, each giving way to different strengths and weaknesses while preparing your child for kindergarten. Depending on your own personal beliefs and desires for your back to schoolpreschooler, you’ll want to ensure that you’ve taken a good look at the different approaches to teaching. Finally, you’ll want to be sure that you’ve done your research on the school itself. Find out how many children move onto kindergarten without any problems. See what the expectations for reading and mathematics are, along with any requirements they wish to reach in any other pre-k subject. Finding out beforehand will allow you to decide whether the program is right for your child.

Classroom Size

Before you make any decisions abut programs, be sure to find one that doesn’t have an overly large class size. Though officially, class sizes should be on a 1:10 ratio (one teacher per ten preschoolers) there are programs that are overfilled and will push this to its boundaries. Ensure that your child is not going into one by discussing this with the school beforehand. Be sure that your child will have ample opportunity to learn on their own time rather than seeing them rushed or looked over for others. Classrooms abiding to the 1:10 ratio will give your preschooler the chance to learn and learn well. It also allows teachers to notice behaviors that may be problematic for learning down the line.

preschool classroomWhen you’ve done the research, taken time to check out the class sizes, and ensured that the location and convenience works for you and your child, then you can rest assured that your child is good to go. Keep in mind that the list of San Diego preschools is ever growing. There is no shortage in childcare opportunities, whether it is daycare, full-time or part-time preschool. Find a place that suits the needs of your family and, more importantly, your toddler. Education begins in the preschool level, so encourage your child’s intelligence to flourish under the place they’re meant to be.

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