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Finding A Preschool That’s Right For Your Family

As Labor Day approaches, so do the number of back-to-school sections in department, grocery, and multi-purpose stores increase. No matter whom you are or where you happen to live, there’s no escaping the coming of the school year. Even for those without kids, or kids that are too young to attend school, the prospect of the end of summer looms ever nearer. Perhaps you’re
trying to decide on a preschool that’s right for your child in the future. Maybe it’sback to school
that the back-to-school signs have you looking at your two-year-old son, a flutter in your stomach, as you consider a year into the future when they’ll begin their first year at school. Whatever the case, the different kinds of preschools available to you and your child are numerous. This makes choosing a preschool not only confusing, but difficult as well.

Begin Your Research Early

Like I mentioned above, no matter where you’re at in your family life, back-to-school regalia and commercials will bombard you. As such, it’s impractical to believe that you won’t consider schooling—even if your child is a year away from heading into a program. For this reason, it’s important to consider beginning the search for your child’s schooling early. Start looking into the different programs available and familiarizing yourself with the potential programs. Several of the more common approaches are listed here:

  • Montessori: One of the more common preschool teaching approaches, Montessori sees that children are treated as individuals and learn as such. The method recognizes that children learn and operate at their own paces and in their own ways, calling for teachers to spend time learning the individual rather than the whole.
  • Waldorf: This approach places an emphasis on imaginative learning. The program asks that students explore their world through their imagination, which is done through analytical thought and engaging with the senses around them.
  • Reggio Emilia: Preschool programs utilizing the Reggio Emilia approach to learning, asks for creative thought and back to schoolexploration to find problem solving opportunities.
  • Religious: Depending on your location, many churches and private schools provide preschool care. Of course, these programs are religious based and as such will require that you are okay with your child being brought up in the religious sect.
  • Bilingual: Booming in particular areas, studies show that children are able to quickly absorb multiple languages at once, beginning at a young age. Bilingual programs teach your child to learn a language other than their home language, creating a richer learning experience.

Make Appointments

Never enter into a preschool without first seeking out an appointment. There is so much to be said about getting to have a thorough examination of the school you’ll be sending your child to. Look at the class sizes and the décor. Take note of the calendarcleanliness and the friendliness of the teachers and various workers. Watch how the kids interact with their surroundings and each other; see how their teachers treat them—do they take their time when listening to the child or do they rush them into an answer? Appointments give you a chance to see the surroundings for yourself, which is something you’re unable to do through phone meetings alone. Guarantee not only that you’ll be happy with the decision, but that your child will be comfortable and content as well.


There is a growing list of San Diego preschools, some better than others, with limited room for incoming students. Ensure that your child makes it to the list by enrolling early. Particularly in southern California, bilingual programs have seen an influx in their enrollment. As the job market becomes tougher, so do parents become more eager for their children to learn languages other than that of their home, leading to limited space in the classroom. Search early on for preschoolthe program that’s right for your student and enroll early, ensuring their space in some of the best programs available.
The earlier you begin your research and the more full you complete it, the more likely you are to find a place to put your child’s name in for early enrollment. Give them the best opportunity for education possible, beginning at the earliest age. Take a look at the program you’re interested in, schedule an appointment, and enroll before their spot is taken.

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